Polynucleotides – A New Aesthetic Treatment

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Symetrie are happy to announce that we are now offering Polynucleotides to our list of aesthetic treatments.
In this article we will introduce you to what Polynucleotides are, how they work and whether they are a possible suitable treatment for you and your aesthetic goals.
But if you desire minimised pores, reduced hollowness, improved elasticity, diminished fine lines, and a brighter complexion, polynucleotide injectables could be the perfect match for you!

Polynucleotides are very much a different type of aesthetic treatment when compared to anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and Profhilo. Whilst these treatments look to reverse the signs of aging skin by treating the symptoms of aging skin, Polynucleotides are a regenerative treatment which looks to reverse aging of tissues and repair scarring. It is a great alternative treatment for those who are seeking for natural looking results and who might be wary of trying more traditional types of aesthetic treatments.

What are Polynucleotides?

Before we jump into explaining exactally what Polynucleotides actually are we need to discuss what causes the signs of aging skin.
As our we get older, our body reduces the messages from our DNA that encourage the regeneration of cells. For our skin this means that our levels of collagen and elastin reduce as we lose the ability to make more of them, this combined with oxidisation and dehydration cause the symptoms of visibly aging skin.

Polynucleotides are amazing in how they have a transformative effect on a cellular level.
This is because Polynucleotides are derived from naturally sourced stretchy molecules (polynucleotides) which mirror our own human DNA. Polynucleotides’ similarity to our own DNA, allows it to supplement our own cellular messages for cell regeneration.

How do Polynucleotides work?

When injected into our skin, Polynucleotides trigger two crucial transformations in our skins behaviour.

Firstly, the Polynucleotides stimulate function in our skin for wound healing, encouraging the skin to undertake intensive repair, reducing scar tissue (ie, stretch marks, acne scaring etc…) and minimising uneven and textured patches on the skin.

Secondly, Polynucleotides have anti-inflammatory properties which leads to greater levels of cell renewal, the stimulation of collagen & elastin production (increased hydration and elasticity) and reduced wrinkles.

What results can I expect from Polynucleotides and are they suitable for me?

Polynucleotides can be effectively used for the face, neck, jawline, cheekbones, and for those who do not wish to explore dermal filler it is a great alternative for under the eyes and tear troughs.

In the treated areas, Polynucleotides improve:

  • skin texture
  • skin discolouration
  • volume
  • tightness
  • the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • skin hydration
  • skin elasticity
  • sun damage
  • rosacea
  • scarring

Polynucleotides offer a much more natural looking result and also carry a lot less risk compared to other injectable treatments.

As they are derived from fish products (our Polynucleotides treatments are from trout which are farmed in a sustainable, organic and purified waters to get the best results), Polynucleotides might not be a suitable option for vegetarians, vegans or those with fish allergies.
It’s not appropriate for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, just like many injectable treatments.
Also unless there was something they were being specifically treated for (eg. acne scarring) we wouldn’t recommend for younger persons.

Free face to face consultation for Polynucleotide aesthetic treatments

At Symetrie we always want to consult with our clients before they undergo any new treatment, which is why we offer a free consultations.
So if you’d like to find out more information about Polynucleotides and it’s suitability for you select the free consultation option in the below online booking form.