New to our Stourbridge Clinic, we are pleased to welcome Lexy who will be providing a range of Beauty treatments that will compliment our nurse administered Aesthetic treatments.

Beauty by Lexy at Symétrie Aesthetic Clinic in StourbridgeLexy has over 8 years experience in the health and beauty industry, starting out in beauty before quickly moving into the world of aesthetics and skin care. She is passionate and dedicated to results driven treatments and offers a wide variety of treatments including:

Using the latest techniques from Vegan and Cruelty-free company ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ you can add a pop of colour, strength and length to your nails without the need for harsh chemicals like those used in traditional Acrylics or Powder nails.

Using The Lycon waxing system. Suitable for even the most sensitive of areas. Be hair free longer all year round. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm for long-lasting results.

LVL stands for length-volume-lift, using a setting serum to straighten your natural lashes at the root (making them look curled up), and then tinting, adding a dramatic dimension to your natural lashes.

Lexys Beauty Salon At Symetrie in Stourbridge

A full range of bespoke facial treatments and products to help target skin complaints such as acne, skin texture and sun damage.
Using a range of treatment approaches such as:



LED LIGHT THERAPY using the Dermalux system 




To see more, please visit: Instagram @lexy_symetrie

To book a beauty treatment with Lexy or to arrange a
FREE consultation call: 01384 886 646



The Gel Bottle Manicure | £30
Removal of existing gel polish, file & shape, cuticle work & gel polish application.

BIAB Overlay  | £35
Removal of existing Gel Polish, file & shape, cuticle work, application of medium strength builder gel to provide extra strength to nails, also Includes Gel polish application. 

The Gel Bottle Extensions | £45
Nail preparation and extension application using tips/gel overlays to create length, strength and shape. Includes Gel polish colour application.

Infills | £35
Maintenance of existing extensions and colour change. ( Must be within 2-3 weeks of original extension application. 

Gel Polish Removal  | £5
Removal of existing gel polish without re-application (no charge if being re-applied).

Extension Removal  | £10
Removal of extension tips without re-application (no charge if having infills/re-application). 

The Gel Bottle Toes  | £30
Removal of Existing gel polish, file and shape, gel polish application.

The Gel Polish Pedicure  | £38
Removal of existing gel polish, file and shape, cuticle work, heal exfoliation, gel polish application and foot massage.


* A Patch test must be carried out a minimum of  48 hours before any tinting/ LVL treatments are carried out.

Brow Tidy (Hot Wax) |  £10

Full Brow Shape (Strip Wax)  | £15

Brow Tint  | £10

Brow Tint & Shape  | £20

Lash Tint  | £12

Lash & Brow Tint  | £ 19

Lash & Brow Tint & Brow Shape  | £25

LVL Lash Lift  | £45
A lifting, volumizing and tinting lash treatment, lasts 6 weeks.



HOT WAX: Used to target smaller, more sensitive areas.

Underarms  | £12

Bikini/ G-String |  £15

Brazilian/ Hollywood  | £35

Sides of Face  | £7

Upper Lip  | £7

Chin  | £7

Lip & Chin  | £12


STRIP WAX: Used to cover larger areas.

Lower Leg  | £16

¾ Leg  | £20

Full Leg  | £28

Upper Leg  | £18

Forearms  | £12

Upper Arms  | £14

Full Arms  | £20

Underarms  | £10

Full Back & Shoulders  | £30

Lower Back  | £20

Abdomen  | £20

Chest  | £20


FACIAL SKINCARE: All facial treatments use cosmeceutical skincare products and include extraction and Milia removal when required. 

Dermaplane Facial  | x1 £65 | x3 £175
A monthly treatment, used to deeply exfoliate the skin. Includes exfoliation, removal of dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz). Finished with a mini Dermalux session to reduce redness and a hydrating, cooling mask. Leaves your skin feeling baby soft, perfect for easy application of make-up.

-Add Dermaplaning to any Peel, Full Dermalux session or Microneedling treatment to boost your results for an additional £30.

Endocare Growth Factor Facial  | x1 £140 | x3 £420
Awaken your skin with this is a microneedling facial like no other, by using high-grade growth factor concentrates, both in treatment and at home*. This facial will leave your skin plumped, hydrated and in its best possible health. A Typical treatment cycle will be 1 treatment to be had every 10 days for course of 3. 

*Endocare Tensage Concentrates for home use.  | £80

Dermalux LED Light Therapy Courses for Skin Ageing 8 x treatments: Multi-Award winning Light therapy treatment. Used to target Acne, general rejuvenation, boost collagen, improve skin tone and to combat Rosacea. A combination of Red, Blue and Near Infra-Red lights are used in a combination of ways to target different problems within the skin.
2 x treatments per week for 4 weeks  | £320
Price including homecare products: Cellpro Eye Cream and Cellpro Cream/Gel  |  £420

Dermalux for Acne 8 x treatments
2 x treatments per week for 4 weeks  | £320
Price including homecare products: Biretix Cleanser and Biretix Duo Gel  | £355

Dermalux for Rosacea x12 treatments
2 x treatments per week for 4 weeks  | £320
Followed by 1 x treatment per week for 4 weeks  |  £480
Price including homecare products: Gentle Cleanser, Acea Treatment Cream, Control Tactics Gel  | £540

Dermalux for Psoriasis/ Ecezma x12 treatments  | £480
3 x treatments per week for 2 weeks. Followed by 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks.

– Add a Dermalux mini session to any other facial for an additional  £10.

Ennerpeels: Chemical skin peels used to treat the skin from within. This range of peels offers maximum results with minimum skin trauma and downtime. We offer a range of peels to suit a number of different skin complaints, such as pigmentation, acne and redness. All peels can be combined with Dermaplaning for more impacted results. 

Mandelic Peel  | x1 £80 | x4  £300
A peel suitable all year round, often referred to as the ‘summer peel’. Suitable for all skin types. An exfoliating peel,great for the management of Rosacea and flushed skin. Treatments can be had every 10-14 days as part of a course of 4. 

Jessner Peel  | x1 £80 | x4  £300
Used for medium strength peeling, great for targeting Pigmentation and Melasma. After treatments the skin will look younger, tighter and fresher than before. Treatments can be had every 10-14 days as part of a course of 4.

Salicylic Peel  | x1 £80 | x8  £580
An exfoliating peel designed to target and slow down the oil production of the skin. Perfect for Acne prone skin. Treatments can be had every 10-14 days when undertaking a course of 8 treatments for best results. 

Pyruvic Peel   | x1 £80 | x4  £300
A slightly deeper exfoliating peel, great for anti ageing, slowing down oil production and mild pigmentation. It’s a great all rounder for anyone looking for general rejuvenation.

Beauty Treatments By Lexy at Symetrie in Stourbridge