Medical Aesthetic Clinic Consultation

Feel Lik You Blank

We see so many new and existing clients here at symetrie.  Giving medical history when you first arrive for a consultation at symetrie can be such a good thing, in the last few months of new clients Tracy has spotted cancers in two people and quickly directed them to their own GP’s where thankfully they were treated successfully.  A face to face meeting for consultations really are a must, if you are considering any treatments you should have faith in your practitioner, building of trust is essential, you have only ‘one’ you, and we are glad to get to know our clients, offering a personal experience, refreshing in this day and age, when in all walks of life there are so many time constraints, we offer at least One hour of consultation more if needed, everybody is unique and different and therefor we do not limit our time, we want to understand exactly who you are and what you would like