Endocare Growth Factor Facial – The intensive collagen boosting facial

Endocare Growth Factor Facial
The ageing process can take its toll on your skin – sun damage and progressive collagen loss can cause the skin to lose its plumpness, elasticity and radiance.

The Endocare Growth Factor Facial is an invigorating and intense collagen boosting facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visibly rejuvenate ageing skin.

  • Endocare growth factor technologies
  • Micro-Needling skin surface renewal
  • Lift and sculpt massage 
  1. Endocare growth factors. Endocare products are packed full of a powerful and unique growth factor complex called SCA Biorepair, clinically proven to induce powerful collagen production. Endocare Concentrate, a luxurious growth factor serum and Endocare Gelcream a hydrating growth factor mask are used within your facial to give your skin the ultimate growth factor boost!
  2. Micro-needling surface skin renewal. Micro-needling surface skin renewal both stimulates and regenerates the top layer of your skin, whilst creating micro-channels to infuse your skin with Endocare Concentrate growth factors.
  3. Lift and sculpt massage. A lift and sculpt massage stimulates collagen production increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your skin and clears away toxins whilst helping work the Endocare growth factors even deeper into your skin.

The ultimate skin pick-me-up

With a treatment time of less than an hour Endocare Growth Factor facials provide the ultimate skin pick me up before a special event or can even be your lunchtime skin treat.

Visible results are seen after one treatment with maximum rejuvenation results following a course of only three treatments all completed within one month.

The intensive course of three collagen boosting facial treatments gives the skin maximum regeneration to reveal fresher, plumper, tighter skin with an improvement in texture and tone.
Visible results are seen after one treatment with ultimate rejuvenation results following a course of only three treatments completed within just one month.

Endocare Growth Factor Facial