Celluform Fat Dissolving Treatment

Celluform fat Dissolving Treatment for Under Chin and Jowls

Celluform is an injectable treatment used to reduce localised fat and cellulite designed to contour and erase small areas like the double chin and the jowls area permanently.

New to our Clinic in Stourbridge, this Nurse administered treatment will help reshape the chin and jowl area, reducing the amount of fat commonly gathered in this area. So before you consider surgery come to Symétrie for a free consultation to discuss and find out how Celluform can improve your Chin and Jowl area.

Celluform fat dissolving treatment improves skin elasticity without leaving scars or bruises. It is injected into fatty areas where they liquefy fat cells, destroying them permanently. The breakdown of these fat cells occurs over several weeks post-injection and can deliver excellent results that really make a difference.

Cellufrom Reduces Localised Fat And CelluliteCelluform Plus not only causes a loss of fatty tissue, but also stimulates a greater production of collagen resulting in firmer skin in the submental and mandibular region.

The final result is a total remodeling of the area with an evident lifting effect.