Beware! Are you confident your Anti wrinkle injections are safe?



Bernice Emmerdale


There has been a recent storyline on TV soap Emmerdale where the character Bernice Blackstock has anti wrinkle injections to her face carried out by an unqualified local beautician. The injections are cheap, because the material used is counterfeit and unsafe. The beautician is not a qualified medical practitioner and has bought the product on the internet.

This situation happens all to often and can lead to terrible, life changing results. You should only ever have injections into your face by a qualified clinician at a reputable clinic, where you can be confident that the products used are properly sourced and are safe to be used.

In the soap Bernice has an allergic reaction to the black-market product used, she suffers anaphylactic shock and falls into a coma.

While in intensive care, hospital doctors reveal that Bernice’s face might be left permanently paralysed from the counterfeit product.

Bernice has ended up debilitated and possibly disfigured for life just because she trusted an unqualified provider, it’s a risk and mistake that you shouldn’t take. If you are considering anti wrinkle injections or facial fillers never trust a ‘mobile’ practitioner, it’s unlikely they will be insured and it’s difficult to guarantee the products they use.

Go to a registered clinic, like Symétrie in Stoubridge, with full indemnity insurance, a clinic you can trust, with years of experience of injectables and guaranteed products from medical manufacturers.