ENDOCARE- C EDAFENCE Ferulic acid Serum

The Endocare Regime Endocare C Ferulic Edafence Producto

The Ultimate Rejuvenation combination when used alongside Cell Pro gel or cream and Heliocare 360

10% Vitamin C,  0.5% Ferulic Acid, Edafence, Growth factor

Endocare-C Ferulic EDAFENCE Serum:
Daily pollution and free radical defence                                               

Your skin superhero combining:

✓ 10% Vitamin C: powerful anti-oxidant and skin brightening

✓ 0.5% Ferulic Acid
: anti-oxidant activity that also helps the Vitamins C get to work

: anti-pollution technology

✓ 10% SCA BioRepair
: snail-derived growth factors

Endocare C Ferulic EDAFENCE Opened Tube