XL Hair Before and After
XL Hair Before and After

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Hair Loss Treatments

XL Hair is a revolutionary new treatment, it helps treat hair thinning, hair loss, baldness and menopausal hair loss.

XL Hair stops hair loss and stimulates growth of new hair follicles. It is used to treat androgenic alopecia, and hair loss in MEN and WOMEN to create fuller thicker hair.

The procedure uses a ‘Mesotherapy Gun’ which provides painless, precise penetration of a unique serum made of hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, growth factors, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Promoting circulation and stimulation of the hair follicles.




£200 per session
£1400 per course of eight treatments

Redness, itching for a few hours after treatment.

On a scale of 1-10 2 is usually given

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